Night Trail, 25 K (Friday)

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  • Distance: 25 kmRegistration-STM-LITENKNAPP
  • Start by Lindåsskolan, Billdal
  • Friday 18:00
  • Reflex marked
  • 1 Aid station
  • Course: Sandsjöbackaleden-Änggårdsbergen-Slottsskogen
    (for detailed course description see below)
  • Max 175 participants
  • Rules and cut-off times are HERE >>
  • Enter the race HERE >>

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GPX-file (old)

26Altitude profile. Accumulated gain 480 m.

Course Description

0-2.3 km. First asphalt then gravel from Lindås to the forest by the paintball arena

2.3-4.0 km. Mostly easy single track running with some uphill. Segment ends with a short segment of village roads by Tråkärrslätt.

4.0-7.1 km. Deep forest part of Sandsjöbackaleden and the green hiking trail to Årekärr. This is a technical segment with much up and down and a narrow, winding forest path with roots and rocks.

7.1-9.7 km. Sandsjöbackaleden from the idyllic valley at Årekärr to Oxsjön, still in deep forest, lots of muddy passages here and some uphill, tough running although not extremely technical.

9.7-14.0 km. From the southern shore of Oxsjön, Sandsjöbackaleden ends with wider graveled paths. Some uphill and steep downhill but otherwise easy running. The aid station is at the end of the hiking trail.

14.0-17.8 km. End of hiking trail. Mixed surfaces, with some paths, some gravel road and some asphalt, first downhill then flat across Fässbergsdalen in western Mölndal. Easy running.

17.8-21.4 km. A few steep climbs with a very short asphalt segment and then a long and really technical passage through the narrow canyon Mölndalsravinen. Ending at the top of Änggårdsbergen with a nice view of Göteborg.

21.4-23.7 km. Downhill with easy running on wide and firm paths through the Botanical garden.

23.7-25.4. Asphalt through Slottskogen and then a short trail passage featuring the final twist over the finishing hill and into the stadium

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