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For detailed schedule for the whole event see HERE >>

The finish

At Slottskogsvallen we have a warm tent with a café, serving soup to the finishers but also selling coffee and snacks to spectators. Here you will also be able to see live results from the checkpoints and see the GPS tracking on screen.

GPS tracking

in the friday night race as well as in the 50 mile race everybody is equipped with a GPS device, so you can follow the entire field live; online, on a smart phone app or on screen in the finish area. If your friend has ordered GPS tracking in the 22 or 44k race you will be able to follow him or her online in the same way. The tracking system is provided by Trac Trac and the live event will be found HERE >>

Live results

The timing system is provided by EQ timing. Apart from the finish time, there are live splits in all races. In the 44k race, there are live splits at all 3 aid stations, in the other races splits are only available for the aid station at Sisjön. All results will be updated live HERE >>

To eat

  • Slottskogsvallen finish – you are welcome to our warm tent at Slottskogsvallen for a ”fika”. We have coffee, tea, soups, snacks and more.

Good spots along the course

Apart from the obvious choice, the finish line, Some of our food & drink stations along the courses are good places to cheer your friend along. Please drive safely and park properly. Good and convenient spots for cheering are:

  • Fjärås bräcka (Easily accessible and scenic passage around dawn for the 50 mile runners)
  • Lindome (throughout the city centre and along the stream)
  • Sandsjöbackamacken (a short walk in beautyful scenery up to the hill)
  • Spårhagavägen (easy to access)
  • Sisjö Scoutstuga
  • Fässbergsdalen (a bit exposed but easy to access and there are possibilities to buy food and drinks just next to the route)
  • Slottskogen


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