Sandsjöbacka Trail was born after many lonely winter trail runs through the Sandsjöbacka and Änggårdsbergen nature reserves south of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. The sense of wilderness that resides so close to the city. The intense feeling of running somewhere, through dawn and the low daylight of the winter. This is the feeling and the challenge we want to convey to you. We happily welcome you to Sandsjöbacka Trail and our different distances.

Our races 2020

Sandsjöbacka Trail is a unique trail adventure south of Gothenburg. Sandsjöbacka Trail is an Ultra event where you compete against your self and nature. There is no proper time keeping, official competition or marked course, but it will be iTRA-points on all distances. Very Welcome! 

In all distances you can expect this:
* Transport of drop-bag from start to finish
* Live GPS-tracking
* Map (There will be no course marks, you will guide your self by map and GPX-file from start to finish)
* Food and energy at finish

Sandsjöbacka 100 miles+
Start: Varbergs fästning 11/1 kl 11:00
Distance: ca 175 km
ITRA-point: Should be 6
Drop-bags: 2
Other checkpoints: One waterstation + one  aidstation with limited service
Price: 895:-
Slots: 100
Max time: 36h 

Sandsjöbacka 50 miles+
Start: Tjolöholms slott 12/1 kl 6:00
Ditance: ca 90 km
ITRA-points: Probably 3
Drop bags: 1
Other checkpoints: One waterstation + one aidstation with limited service
Price: 695:-
Slots: 100
Max time: 16h 

Sandsjöbacka Marathon+
Start: Kungsbacka 12/1 kl 8:00
Ditance: ca 55
ITRA-points: Probably 2
Dropbags: 0
Other checkpoints: One waterstation + one aidstation with limited service
Price: 495:-
Slots: 200
Max time: 14h 

Registration is open from 19/10!